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Windows 7 System Stability & Reliability History

System stability can be one of the most elusive creatures in modern computing. Especially when you don’t have it!

Having trouble with your Windows system stability lately? There’s a tool, built into the Windows 7 operating system, that can help you analyze system stability and its historical patterns and trends. If you can correlate these patterns to recent hardware and/or software changes, this tool can help you narrow in on the problem, and possibly help you fix it!

The tool is called the Windows Reliability Monitor, and can be accessed simply by pressing the “start” key, then typing “stability” in the search box. You should see a choice of “view reliability history” in the search results. This tool is also available in the System & Security section of the Control Panel.

Run the tool to obtain an interactive, graphical display of stability issues. You’ll find pretty graphs, with a numerical metric of overall stability (a normalized value, ranging from 1 to 10), and lots of interesting information about events, like this:

Windows Reliability Monitor