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Using Easy Apache to Alter Server Configuration

So, you need to add a particular package or module to the server.  For instance, when we installed BackWPup on this WordPress install, we found that it failed due to MySQLi not being installed.

Easy Apache to the rescue!  Easy Apache is a way to recompile / rebuild the apache system, specifying certain modules / packages to be included, without all the fun of recompiling all of the crazy business by hand.

First, you may want to see what apache modules are installed.  You can easily do this from the command line with:

httpd -M

Now, you can run Easy Apache from WHM, but this can be a REALLY bad idea.  Easy Apache builds are very long (ie: sometimes 15 minutes or more) and very resource intensive.  Via WHM you can’t really see what’s going on during the build.  And worse yet, the gui-based script can possibly time out or run out of resources, leaving your server in a non-functioning state.  A very bad place to be indeed!

The much safer way to do it is from the command line, running as root.  To do this, use these commands:


The “easyapache” script starts the easy apache builder, in a “screen“.
You can then navigate through the labyrinthine lists of options…
To exit or “detach” from the “screen“, use ctrl-A followed by ctrl-D.