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Peaceful MEDIA Web Hosting :: Email Settings

Manual Settings for Connecting Email Accounts:
You can configure your mail client (eg: Thunderbird, Outlook, MacMail, etc…) using the settings found below.
Make sure to change the “username” and “yourdomain.com” in the examples to the values for your account.

The following is for the (recommended) secure SSL/TLS transport.

*Important:  When first connecting your email client or new device, please contact the Team @ Peaceful MEDIA.  For your security, we have systems of firewalls in place, which may lock you out of the system if things go wrong too many times.  Let us help you with that!  And prevent unnecessary hair-pulling.


Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:
IMAP: Port 993
POP3: Port 995

Outgoing Server:
SMTP: Port 465

Authentication is required for sending & receiving via IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. You may be prompted to confirm a security exception. This is normal. The connection is secured by a self-signed SSL certificate.