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Linux Disk Free / Disk Usage, Per Directory ~ “du”

Disk Free, human readable df -h Disk Usage, summary, human readable (I think this include DOES include hidden files / directories) du -sh Disk Usage, per directory, human readable (does NOT include hidden files / directories) du -sh * Disk Usage, per directory, human readable (INCLUDES hidden files & directories) du -sh . . . Read more

How To Use & Understand Git for Beginners

For non-programmers or other knowledge workers like designers or copy writers – here are some resources for understanding what the hell “git” is and how and why we should use it. I’m still learning… but these resources really helped me reach a new understanding and eased some of my intimidation… . . . Read more

How to Backup a Codebase, Server Side, Well & Good

Make a Copy of an Entire Codebase: Very useful for preparing for a major version update. Let’s say you’ve got a codebase, living at: /home/USERNAME/public_html/   You can make a copy of the whole gosh dern thing, while watching the files stream before your eyes with: cp -Rv  /home/USERNAME/public_html/ /home/USERNAME/public_html_YYYYMMDD_bak/ . . . Read more

Drush, Drush, what an amazing Rush (Update Drupal from the Command Line)

*Important: When doing drush system-wide updates (ie: “drush pm-update”), drush will OVERWRITE.htaccess, index.php, and robots.txt. *Make sure you have backups of these files*. A good naming convention to use is: .htaccess_YYYYMMDD_shortDescript.bak Or similarly, index_YYYYMMDD_shortDescript.bak *Also Important: When running drush, you should be logged into ssh with the username for the . . . Read more

Transfer a domain from one GoDaddy Account to another

If a new domain is purchased for a client and needs to be moved to their registrar account from, for example, the PM Godaddy account. The process is pretty easy. Also helpful http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/5555/preparing-to-transfer-domain-names-to-us?locale=en Get their registrar creds into a creds sheet, have them edit or send to you. Log into . . . Read more

Migration of WordPress from Pagodabox to a Traditional Hosting Environment

Skip to end of metadata Created by Benjamin Turner, last modified on Dec 04, 2013 Go to start of metadata This guide focuses on getting the data out of Pagodabox. General Step-by-step guide for Pagodabox migration: Download the Site from Pagodabox (covered in this guide) Setup Server that will be the . . . Read more

Create a Blank WordPress Sandbox

Creation of a new, blank Wordpess sandbox is useful for wireframing or trying out new themes and/or plugins. Because we are not migrating any content from an existing site, this process is easy, and can be done with GUI tools. Overview of Steps Create a space on the server where . . . Read more

Mysql Optimizations & Server Database Tuning

A few tasty tidbits, to jog the memory about database & server optimizations… To be expanded.  Share your thoughts and suggestions! Example Server: Memory Available: 1,751,724k total Handy Queries: mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘%cache%’; mysql> SHOW STATUS LIKE ‘Qcache%’; My.cnf Tweaks: ; QUERY CACHE… query_cache_size = 500M query_cache_type = 1 . . . Read more

Summary for Setting Up A Local WordPress Dev Environment Using VVV

This is meant to be a high level walk through for setting up a local development environment for WordPress. Steps Install Git Install Virtual Machine Software (Virtualbox 4.3.x) Install Vagrant Install Vagrant Core 1.6.3 Install Vagrant Plugins Hosts Updater Plugin : https://github.com/cogitatio/vagrant-hostsupdater Triggers : https://github.com/emyl/vagrant-triggers Note: While the above plugins are technically not . . . Read more

Developer Tools

Source Control These tools are used to help coordinate developer changes to projects. Git (Used to track and merge changes to code) Bitbucket (GUI front-end to GIT. Allows for project specific permissions on projects)   Source Control Howtos: Installing Git : http://git-scm.com/book/en/Getting-Started-Installing-Git Git GUIs: http://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/ (Windows)     Local Development Local development . . . Read more

Developer Foundations (Training)

We need to write/publish a set of sequential “Developer Foundations” articles that will teach new developers (or people looking to get into development) how we wish to develop the “Peaceful Media” way. For now this page is simple a discussion of what should be included in this set. Please feel . . . Read more