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Free Online CSS3 Generator Tools We Love

CSS3 Color Gradient Generator

1. CSS3 Gradient Generator

http://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor :: Sleek, intuitive tool creates subtle, intelligent color gradients without images. Perfect for responsive websites that won’t render image gradients perfectly when browser window gets shrunk/blown-up. I especially like the diagonal CSS3 gradient effect this easy app allows you to create on the fly. Presets for those tricky gold and alloy-esque gradients + cross-browser friendly to boot!

Pattern Generator & Editor

2. Pattern Generator & Editor

http://www.patterncooler.com/editor :: There are hundreds of web-friendly, repeatable background tile/pattern sites out there, including the fantastic SubtlePatterns.com (thank you whoever you are), but few come with the sophisticated online editor like this one. You can change colors of each aspect of the pre-designed tiles including lines, backgrounds, marks, etc. On top of that, you can add textures that overlay atop whatever pattern you choose. Pretty neat way of generating a near one-of-a-kind web background for your clients (without having to create from scratch).

CSS3 Box Shadow Generator

3. Box Shadow Generator

http://css3gen.com/box-shadow :: This ain’t the prettiest of sites (rancid split pea soup anyone?), but for generating browser-friendly CSS3 box shadow effects on the quick, this little online app gets the job done splendidly.

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