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Create WHM hosting account

This document will walk you through the process of spinning up a new cpanel hosting account instance in WHM.

Log into WHM:

Enter creds from admin sheet.

Once in in the upper left hand corner search for ‘list acc’ and click ‘List Accounts’

Run a search for the domain you are adding for the new server to make sure it doesn’t already exist as we want to avoid duplicates.

Back out and go back to ‘Home’ and then click ‘Account Functions’

Create new account

Enter the domain to add without using ‘http’ example just use aarontest.com

  1. Username will auto generate
  2. Use password generator to create admin account password
  3. Copy password to safe place ideally a creds sheet already created
  4. Add email address
  5. Leave package, settings and reseller fields as default
  6. For DNS check DKIM, SPF and use name servers
  1. Use ‘local mail’
  2. Click ‘create’
  3. A recap will give you all the info, again make sure you have copied all of this to a creds doc at this point
  4. Go to the domain registrar for that domain and point the new name servers
  5. It will take between 20 – 30 minutes for those changes to resolve to the new server
  6. Make sure to go back and edit DNS zone
  7. And verify that all nameserver entries end in a period ‘.’ character
  8. Save any changes to be made
  9. Go to the domain registrar and update the nameservers to point to stormcloud along with the domain itself.
  10. You are done.