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Create full cPanel hosted instance site backup

It’s good to know how to create backups for safekeeping. This is how to do that in cPanel.


  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Please make sure that you are aware of just how much data you are backing up and for what purpose.  I.E. check the current size of the data store for the site and make sure you will not fill up the drive by running a backup.
    1. Also make sure it isn’t going to bring the site to a crawl during normal business hours for the client if it is a rather large site.
  3. Go to ‘files’ – ‘backup’
  4. Click here
  5. Enter your email address so you are notified when the backup is complete, send it to the home directory unless you have another destination in mind.
  6. Once the backup is done go back and click this button again.
  7. Once it is done there will be a link that contains the tar zip file of the entire site that you can now download when you click it.
  8. You are done.