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Cpanel There Was a Problem Adding the User: (XID hc2f35) Database Error: Can’t Find Any Matching Row in the User Table

Well now here’s an interesting error that mysteriously "just started happening" for no apparent rhyme or reason.

We were working on a Cpanel server that we’re very familiar with, and went through the usual process of creating a new mysql database, creating a new mysql user, and then adding that user to the database. The creation of the database went just fine, as did the creation of the user. But then when we went to add the user to the database, we were greeted with the following rather cryptic error:

There was a problem adding the user: (XID hc2f35) Database Error: Can't find any matching row in the user table

Digging into the mysql db table yielded some interesting results. There were in fact entries for the user and their permissions. Two of them to be precise: one for the hostname as an ip address, and another one for the hostname as localhost.

Comparing these entries in the db table to other database users that we’ve created in the past, we noticed that previous users had three entries in the db table. One with the hostname as an ip address, one for the hostname as localhost, and then another with the hostname of the server.

The culprit?
skip_name_resolve was turned on in the my.cnf file.

We removed that line from the my.cnf file, restarted the mysql service, and voila, things work again!

You can check the status of this variable buy doing a show variables like "skip_name_resolve"; in mysql.

It’s still a mystery as to why this just started occurring out of the blue. But hopefully the fix helps somebody out there when confronted with this strange and rare error.

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