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How to Change Ownership & Permissions on All Files & Directories

When you need to change file and directory ownership, or file and directory permissions in bulk, these are some very handy commands to know. On most servers, you’ll need root’ish privileges to do this. Change Ownership & Group for All Files & Directories: find /home/your_directory/public_html -exec chown user_name:group_name {} \; . . . Read more

Using Browsersync, Website Development on Multiple Browsers & Mobile Devices

1. Install Node.js Browsersync is a module for Node.js, a platform for fast, scalable network applications. There are convenient installers for MacOS, Windows and Linux. 2. Install Browsersync The Node.js package manager (npm) is used to install Browsersync from a repository. Open a terminal window and run the following command: . . . Read more

Free Online CSS3 Generator Tools We Love

1. CSS3 Gradient Generator http://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor :: Sleek, intuitive tool creates subtle, intelligent color gradients without images. Perfect for responsive websites that won’t render image gradients perfectly when browser window gets shrunk/blown-up. I especially like the diagonal CSS3 gradient effect this easy app allows you to create on the fly. Presets . . . Read more