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Install GIT on shared hosting

This is needed when you need GIT and the server you are using is a shared host that does not already have GIT installed globally (eg. in /etc/bin or /usr/local/bin) Step-by-step guide First run gcc –version to make sure the compiler is installed and supports the installation. Edit the .bashrc . . . Read more

Install Git on Centos

We sure would love it if git were installed on our server.  So let’s do that!   [root@sunshine /var/cpanel/easy/apache/profile]# yum install git Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities, security Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile stable-arch | 951 B 00:00 stable-generic | 951 B 00:00 stable-noarch | 951 B 00:00 system-base | . . . Read more

Handy Git Commands

Import an Existing Repo, Hosted on a Remote, eg: BitBucket or GitHub: cd /your/local/directory git clone git@github.com:reponame/domainname.git Create a Brand New (Local) Repo, & Add a (Bare) Remote: cd /your/local/directory git init git add . git commit -m “Begin! Import all existing web files” Then we add the remote (bare) . . . Read more

How To Use & Understand Git for Beginners

For non-programmers or other knowledge workers like designers or copy writers – here are some resources for understanding what the hell “git” is and how and why we should use it. I’m still learning… but these resources really helped me reach a new understanding and eased some of my intimidation… . . . Read more

Migration of WordPress from Pagodabox to a Traditional Hosting Environment

Skip to end of metadata Created by Benjamin Turner, last modified on Dec 04, 2013 Go to start of metadata This guide focuses on getting the data out of Pagodabox. General Step-by-step guide for Pagodabox migration: Download the Site from Pagodabox (covered in this guide) Setup Server that will be the . . . Read more

Summary for Setting Up A Local WordPress Dev Environment Using VVV

This is meant to be a high level walk through for setting up a local development environment for WordPress. Steps Install Git Install Virtual Machine Software (Virtualbox 4.3.x) Install Vagrant Install Vagrant Core 1.6.3 Install Vagrant Plugins Hosts Updater Plugin : https://github.com/cogitatio/vagrant-hostsupdater Triggers : https://github.com/emyl/vagrant-triggers Note: While the above plugins are technically not . . . Read more

Developer Tools

Source Control These tools are used to help coordinate developer changes to projects. Git (Used to track and merge changes to code) Bitbucket (GUI front-end to GIT. Allows for project specific permissions on projects)   Source Control Howtos: Installing Git : http://git-scm.com/book/en/Getting-Started-Installing-Git Git GUIs: http://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/ (Windows)     Local Development Local development . . . Read more

Developer Foundations (Training)

We need to write/publish a set of sequential “Developer Foundations” articles that will teach new developers (or people looking to get into development) how we wish to develop the “Peaceful Media” way. For now this page is simple a discussion of what should be included in this set. Please feel . . . Read more

WordPress and GIT Deployment Workflow

Let’s use this page as a place to flesh out an ‘official’ PM WordPress + GIT workflow. Comments Benjamin Turner Here is a number of WP + GIT workflows outlined in blog posts, collected and meant to be a basis for discussion and refinement: http://theme.fm/2011/08/tutorial-deploying-wordpress-with-capistrano-2082/ http://theme.fm/2011/09/deploying-wordpress-with-capistrano-part-2-staging-servers-tagging-database-security-2213/ http://theme.fm/2011/11/deploying-wordpress-with-capistrano-part-3-backing-up-and-restoring-mysql-2922/ http://roybarber.com/version-controlling-wordpress/ http://www.metaltoad.com/blog/tutorial-simplify-your-wordpress-deployments http://danielkoskinen.com/version-control-and-deployments/ . . . Read more

Git: How To See What Files Have Changed & What’s About to Be Pushed

Let’s say you’re working away on a project, and you’ve made some codebase changes, you’ve pulled changes via “git pull origin master”, and you’re about to push some code to the remote repo… So the question is: How do you see what files you’re about to push? git diff –stat . . . Read more