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How to use WP-CLI

I wanted to write some quick notes regarding the feedback that we got from our developers about how to export and import databases using WP-CLI. What a wonderful tool it is! WP-CLI stands for “WordPress Command Line Interface”. There are a bunch of commands you can use to manage WordPress . . . Read more

How to Recursively Change Permissions, Only Files / Directories, Chmod

Sometimes we have the need to recursively change the permissions, but only for either files or directories.  Here’s a handy way to do this, from the command line. *Note:  Being recursive, these are powerful commands, and can change a whole bunch of things, in a very short amount of time.  Please do . . . Read more

Mysql Database Backup & Import From the Command Line

Let’s say you’ve got root privileges, and you’re working along, and you want to quickly backup a database for USERNAME on the PM servers… cd /home/USERNAME/_back mysqldump  -uroot  DATABASENAME  >  DATABASENAME_YYYYMMDD_shortDescription.sql (Check the size of the backup file, always a good idea) ls  -lah  DATABASENAME_YYYYMMDD_shortDescription.sql (Change the owner and group . . . Read more

Drush, Drush, what an amazing Rush (Update Drupal from the Command Line)

*Important: When doing drush system-wide updates (ie: “drush pm-update”), drush will OVERWRITE.htaccess, index.php, and robots.txt. *Make sure you have backups of these files*. A good naming convention to use is: .htaccess_YYYYMMDD_shortDescript.bak Or similarly, index_YYYYMMDD_shortDescript.bak *Also Important: When running drush, you should be logged into ssh with the username for the . . . Read more