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Striking Theme – Add Multiple Sidebars to a Page

Creating the Sidebar

Striking theme has a particular way of adding and customizing additional widget areas for a WordPress installation. The process of adding additional widget areas is fairly strait forward once you know what to look for.

An image of the Sidebar configuration menu.

To begin with, access the Sidebar configuration settings at Striking >> Sidebar in the WP Admin.

The actual creation of the sidebar area is pretty easy, simply give it a meaningful name, in this example, I’ve given it the name of End Blog Post CTA.

A Screenshot of the Sidebar creation dialogue.

Notice that it is not necessary to use fancy naming conventions. There is no need to use underscores, however I would probably keep clear of funny symbols like exclamation points.


We can now customize this sidebar like any other sidebar.

Adding the Sidebar to a Template

We now have a new sidebar, but it currently isn’t being displayed on any of our pages. For this example, we want the new sidebar to be displayed on the bottom of all single blog post pages, just after the content and before the footer.

In this case we want to modify the content-single.php file.

To add our new sidebar, simply use the dynamic_sidebar() function to display the custom sidebar created in the Striking Sidebar Admin area. The correct code uses the exact name as the one we used in creating the new sidebar: <?php dynamic_sidebar('End Blog Post CTA'); ?>.