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Launch Checklist for Deploying Live Websites

There’s a lot think about when launching a new website. This is an understatement.

You’ve worked days and nights, and days and nights, and maybe more than that. All the bells and whistles dialed in and ready to go, and you’re all set to go live!

As you’re preparing for launch, and immediately after you’ve gone live with your new site, make sure that you’ve got all the things on this list accounted for:

  • Verify that Google Analytics is installed and that data is being collected.
  • Verify that the site is open and searchable by search engines.
  • Verify that the contact form works, first sending the form submission to your own email address. Then change the submission address to that of the site owner, and send another test, confirming reception with the site owner.
  • Verify that all opt-in forms work correctly, and are being collected in the correct system, with appropriate tagging (where applicable).
  • Verify that backups are running and working reliably. Then verify that the backup alerts email address is pointed to the site owner.
  • Verify that the alerts email address for WordFence, iThemes Security, and/or other security software is pointed to the site owner.
  • Verify that the general email address for the site is pointed to the site owner.