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Kajabi + Cloudflare : How to Enforce Redirect to Secure WWW Urls

In order to setup a custom domain on the New Kajabi publishing system, you need to setup your nameservers to run over the Cloudflare.com system. There’s an excellent “how-to” article available here for that process: How Do I Configure a Custom Domain for My Kajabi Site.

Now, the thing is: If someone goes to the non-www version of your site (for example http://peacefuluniversity.com/pages/about-us), we’d like for them to be redirected to the secure, www version of the same page (ie: https://www.peacefuluniversity.com/pages/about-us). For this, we need to setup some additional page rules inside of Cloudflare.com.

There are three page rules that we need to setup, in this particular order:

  1. yourdomain.com/*
    302 / temporary redirect to https://www.yourdomain.com/$1
  2. https://www.yourdomain.com/*
    Always use https
  3. https://yourdomain.com/*
    302 / temporary redirect to https://www.yourdomain.com/$1

The final setup is going to look like this:

Cloudflare Page Rules

Cloudflare Page Rules to Redirect Non-Secure Urls

  • http://crispinbixler.com Crispin Bixler Nisimyan

    Thanks for the tutorial! 😀

    Here’s some updated info:

    Kajabi tutorial link is no longer working in the post – so here are new links:

    To setup Kajabi custom domain through Cloudflare: https://learn.kajabi.com/resources/7aqjupfibmgywskkowuoui/

    NOTE: I chatted with Kajabi support to confirm that even though the tutorial is listed as LEGACY it is still valid, including the use of the CNAME endpoint.mykajabi.com.

    If you want to try Kajabi’s new way to setup a custom domain that doesn’t require Cloudflare – you can follow this tutorial (still in Beta as of Dec 2018):