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Firewall Administration (CSF Firewall via WHM)

Firewall blocks can be a rather common issue, especially if a user is trying to setup their email for the first time, or is wrestling with ftp or such.

o  For first time clients, just setting up their email, it’s a very good practice to whitelist their ip, before they get in there and get all frustrated because they can’t make their email go.
o  If somebody reports their site being down (blank white screen), but you’re not seeing it as down, it’s likely a firewall issue.

One of our long time clients (Ann Rankowitz) ran into a problem with her email the other day.  Yep, turns out she was blocked by the firewall!

This is easy to check, and easy to fix, straight from WHM.
o  Ask the user for their ip address.  They can easily get this by googling for “what is my ip”.
o  You can search the firewall for their ip address.
o  And if it’s listed, remove it, and whitelist it.
o  And even if they’re not blocked by the firewall, it they’re wrestling with email settings, odds are good that they could get blocked.  So it’s a good practice to whitelist them anyway.



The steps below apply only to the CSF firewall, which is currently what we’re running (as of c.4/2014).

For administering an APF firewall, see this article: Firewall Administration (APF Firewall, LEGACY)


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(if a block rule is found, there’s an option to unblock them, right there on the search results page)


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