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Developer Foundations (Training)

We need to write/publish a set of sequential “Developer Foundations” articles that will teach new developers (or people looking to get into development) how we wish to develop the “Peaceful Media” way.

For now this page is simple a discussion of what should be included in this set. Please feel free to add suggestions here. I included mine below.


Scott Butterworth

Developer Foundations (Top-level page): An introduction and high level overview of our preferred development processes and why they matter

Developer Foundations 1: All things GIT, how to get set-up on local machine, how to setup a BitBucket account, useful GIT videos/tutorials, list the most basic commands. We can steal a lot of the how-to articles for this and/or move them so they are under this section.

Developer Foundations 2: WordPress, what it is, how to install from scratch on a host, how to connect to the database, how to install and use WP CLI (plus how to backup/restore). How to integrate a WP site into GIT the preferred PM way. How to correctly alter a WP site (child themes, plugins, etc). WP coding standards

Developer Foundations 3: PHP, introduction, basic tutorials and articles, study materials, coding standards.

Developer Foundations 4: CSS and SASS/SCSS

etc. Thats a good start for now. Each “Foundations” article can/should of course link to other articles in Confluence.