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Thunderbird Not Displaying HTML Emails After Enigmail Install & Uninstall

OMG. Thank you Patrick, who chimed in on this thread. The problem of Thunderbird not displaying html emails was driving me a bit batty. The following command fixes Thunderbird’s html email viewing abilities, particularly useful after an install and uninstall of the PGP-supporting email encryption add-on Enigmail. Menu: View > . . . Read more

OptimizePress Security Breach – OptimizePress Needs Patching

This important post comes to us from the fine & friendly folks at Shadow Dragon Unlimited. You can find the original post here. More news, discussion, informed opinions, and disinformation. Believe what you like, but have the skills to back it up! http://www.warriorforum.com/main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/882768-optimizepress-1-getting-hacked-ever-day-whats-answer.html Recently a theme security risk came to . . . Read more