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How to Change Ownership & Permissions on All Files & Directories

When you need to change file and directory ownership, or file and directory permissions in bulk, these are some very handy commands to know. On most servers, you’ll need root’ish privileges to do this. Change Ownership & Group for All Files & Directories: find /home/your_directory/public_html -exec chown user_name:group_name {} \; . . . Read more

How to Create a Liquid Web / Storm on Demand Webserver

Yes, it’s true. We play favorites. And for very good reason! Over the years, we’ve dealt with dozens and dozens of web hosting companies. We’ve wrestled with their idiosyncrasies, we’ve seen them come, and we’ve seen them go. And in our experience, we’ve found Liquid Web to be one of . . . Read more

Apache Httpd is Running But Unresponsive, Website is Down, The Scoreboard is Full!

Here’s an interesting one: Your server suddenly goes unresponsive, and your alerting service awakens the response team at 2am. Upon logging into the server, httpd appears to indeed be running, load is nil, mysqld is fine, but your website is still down. What’s up with that?! In the error log, . . . Read more

MySQL Slow Query Log Changes Its Game (& Syntax)

The MySQL slow query log can be very insightful for tracking down slow-running queries that are bogging down your webserver. But more often than not, it’s not enabled by default. So let’s learn how to enable and configure it, so you can start examining your slow running queries yourself! Ok, . . . Read more